As part of the EU’s Open Banking, PSD2 requirements, banks must open for their API, Open API,
to Providers where they will be provide services to bank customers.

PSD2: rev. Payment Services Directive – TPP: Third Party Payment Providers

PSD2 list

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) – Brussels, 27 November 2017

The Service Providers will via API connection will offer Services eg Payments or account information etc.
see PSD2 Infographic |

PSD2 explained in 3 simple gifs

What we know from Telecom companies where a Service Provider could offer Voice-over-IP,
can now be repeated as “Money-over-IP” for financial services.

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PSD2 explained in 2 minutes


PSD2 demo with Instant Payments and API economy


PSD2 Demo App


PSD2 paradox


What is PSD2


Open Banking & PSD2: How regulation is shaping the future of banking